Families of Fallen Firefighers-You're invited to St. John - No Charge

Dear Families of Fallen Firefighters,
As a firefighter family, we invite you to an open house at our home, Florian Villa on St. John. We'll provide accommodations and food...you just need to arrange your airfare to St. Thomas (airport code STT) and a rental car. We can help you arrange both.

The dates for the open house are November 4-8, 2008. Come for one or all of the days - no strings, or hoax, it's just our way of thanking your for your family's service and sacrifice. Please pass along...we'll accommodate as many as possible and if there is excess demand we'll do it again in the spring.

Please call or email for details. 617-429-6182, deborah@florianvilla.com.

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Be well and be safe,
Deborah and Scott (Capt. Boston Fire Department)
Owners of Florian Villa