Florian Yoga Gift Guide - 2009 Holiday Season

Please enjoy this collection of eclectic gift ideas. These are my favorite shopping destinations from 2009.  And feel free to add your favorites to the comments field.  Happy mindful shopping!

Crochet Totes...made with love by Well of Creations on Etsy
I adore my beanie and large cranberry colored tote bag from Robin's collection. A day doesn't go by when someone doesn't remark on my fab tote.

EarthLife Shop - Healing Jewelry from Sweden via Etsy 
Each handmade piece has a meaning...my gorgeous crimson necklace (similar to the one shown here) encourages  authenticity and speaking your personal truth.  Other inspired pieces promote fearlessness, rejuvenation, introspection and more. And no worries about the shipping from Sweden, my goodies arrived quickly and with cool stamps!

Yoga and Spiritual Books
My book recommendations for any new or seasoned yogi(ni).

Unique Yoga Music Playlists
For all types of yoga practices from gentle to vigorous vinyasa.

Flutterbye Aromatics  Simply the most amazing essential oil based, 100% natural products for face, body, and hair. Simone's soaps make perfect gifts for any occasion, especially stocking stuffers. Her products are remarkably inexpensive for the high quality and care she puts into preparing each order. Oh, yeah and did I mention the products (especially the light moisturizer) smell amazing!

The 30 Day Yoga Journey 
Give the gift of yoga for 30 days. Appropriate for newcomers and long-term yoga practitioners. A yoga-email-a-day for 30 days, and they can begin anytime. Daily emails include Mp3 yoga/meditation downloads, mantras, yoga philosophy and lots more. Plus ALL gift certificate proceeds support Florian's Causes charitable work.

Melange Boutique-Woman's clothing and yoga attire
Simple, elegant, comfortable, tasteful - that's how I'd describe Melange's selection of clothing and accessories.  I discovered the online shop while searching for Hard Tail yoga tanks.  They have a great Hard Tail shop, but then as I began to browse, I discovered their gorgeous selection of casual-chic clothes.  The best part is when they arrive at your door...each piece is hand wrapped and there is always a personal note from the owner.


Bob Weisenberg said...

Love your book list.

Bob Weisenberg

2slockaby said...

Would love your input about my sister's jewelry - it is symbolic - her name is K Robins and site is www.krobinsdesigns.com

Florian said...

Thanks, Bob...any additional book suggestions?

Florian said...

2slockaby-thank you for sharing your sister's breautiful jewelry! A great addition to the list. Deb

Bob Weisenberg said...

Re: your request for additional book ideas.

My top recommendations are in my eBook. This list is very carefully considered from many possibilities:


There are two already on your list, "Heart of Yoga" and "Yoga and the Quest for the True Self."

Bob Weisenberg

brad said...

how about an aromahand!!


Anonymous said...

There is a new book out called AN OFFERING OF LEAVES
by Ruth Lauer Manenti. It is AMAZING! It's 40 yoga teachings that all have incredible and simple stories...you can read it again and again. I LOVE IT!
visitthe following link: http://www.amazon.com/Offering-Leaves-Ruth-Lauer-Manenti/dp/1590561503/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1260467290&sr=8-1

lbatch said...

I recommend my book and CD on journal writing for health and well-being. Ideal for both beginning and established journal keepers wanting to tap into the healing power of write.


jindi said...

Thanks for the information i read your post and i want to have more knowledge on thatayurveda.