A special gift for readers of this blog

I love spreading the word about businesses that support causes and provide great products. BuddhiWear is one of those companies.

BuddiWear is focused on buying local, supporting small businesses, and being green.

Their mission is to promote positive empowerment through yoga and other practices.

And they practice what they promote: For EVERY garment sold, the owners plant a tree.

It's my privilege to offer readers of this blog a 20% off of your ENTIRE BuddhiWear order.

This was generously given to us by the folks at BuddiWear. Please use the coupon code GREEN20 when you place your order.

And if you'd like to make a donation to the homeless in the owners' home town, enter the code HOMELESS. They will give ALL profits from your sale to a local homeless family of 5.

What did I buy? The green hoodie below...just placed my order and I can't wait for it to arrive.



Kirsten said...

Those are great! I know some people who are sporting those. I just ordered Tees For Change for our boutique. Low minimum order and they as well, plant a tree for every purchase.