What is Yoga? 101 Bite-Sized Pieces FINAL POST

101. Allowing yourself to JUST BE

101. Starting over, and starting where you are rather than where you think you should be

99. Remembering that you can only resolve your own demons

98. Embracing all of you, but letting go of the patterns and the stories that no longer serve you

97. Five minutes a day of stillness while you are awake

All photos from the What is Yoga? series where taken by my brother, David. View more photos and read David's poetry at davebernstein.com


Laura said...

These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with us! I look forward to the book...

Florian said...

Namaste, Laura! Thank you for the feedback. Deb

Suzanne Barraza said...

Me likey! I just found your post, "101 Bite-Sized Pieces," and, greedy me--read them all! And stopped to run the slide show. Thank you. All the Bite-Sized Pieces were yummy...some filled my tummy, others made it shake with laughter...and the pictures took me out of myself.