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I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to read all of the thoughtful and thought provoking submissions for the upcoming book, "What is Yoga in America?" this week.

I wanted to share a poem that was send to me by a blog reader, Jan. She didn't know I'd already received this submission from the author. She just loved her friend's words and wanted to share them.

WHAT IS YOGA? by Krysti Lyn

Yoga is a gift from heaven and earth, a purely divine manifestation
A scared practice of natural phenomenon, a seer and mystical wonder
Truly, a glorious inner outer integration of spiritual holistic revitalization
That recharges, inspires and breathes into Spirit, awakening all from slumber

Waking up innate Spirit seeds, yoga nurtures through Asana and prana answers
As we learn to breathe, our life awakens to revelations within our holy sanctuary
And Sweet Nectar occurs as we dive into ourselves, renewing with yoga pleasures
A holy vine ripens as we become still within, flowing with yoga’s divine synergy

It forms unity within and out, calming, centering and energizing, it’s incredible
Yoga’s amazing graces do enlighten, rejuvenate and transform our entire being
As we breathe, our many nadis expand and blossom into full energetic potential
Thus, our bodies fully develop, fluently exuding light rays like sunshine gleaming

Filling us with divine yoga light, we open to yoga’s nutrients and cast divine presence
While nurturing ourselves in yoga, we surrender and let go to the divine powers of yoga
Through many Asanas, Pranayamas and Savasanas, we feel its’ influence and brilliance
As yoga tweaks and fine tunes all aspects of our being with energetic abilities, its’ bella

As we release what needs to be, rebuilding mental, emotional, spiritual and physical stance
So we can generate peace while we cultivate equilibrium within our temple and lifestyles
Fully grounded in and out, we stand tall in our body, and let our Spirit find divine balance
An alignment between Heaven & Earth, as we reside, our hearts are free, we offer life smiles

Living in a Namaste way, we appreciate and recognize divine light in all, a spiritual maturity
As we feel peace within, then we bring peaceful love into our world, honoring each person
Knowing we are all part of the Universe and offer our individual love light way and divinity
So we give praise and recognition to life forces of divinity in all, as we all live in this mansion

Yoga, a beautiful Namaste way of life, so all can live in unison, offering solace and serenity
It’s a time of world love and peace, as all gather in sacred space and practice this divine art
While honoring differences, we remain one light, as we realize we are all one, a synchronicity
Where all does interconnect and adjoin along the divine path to play our role and divine part

Yoga is a spiritual force and when one is a part of it, one becomes aligned with the Universe
As it aligns us to be our highest selves, we experience Self Realization, a gift of yoga Spirit
We actually honor of our Breath of Life and become ONE with it and then fully converse
We dance with our divine nature, so we flow with the tides of life, blessed with holy wit

We arise and awaken to the natural Spirit of Yoga, moved in and out, we align properly
As yoga teaches us, we journey to our center and become enlightened deep in our core
While it activates nadis throughout our body, we find inner bliss and mature divinely
Removing locks or residue, our prana grows with vitality and flexibility, as we adore

The divinity within, we become healthy and happy, to live the light that is within us
As brilliant hues stem from our divine center, it increases with each breath and practice
Where we clear, empower and ignite the magnificent divinity within, all through our yoga
We become beacons of love light, as gracious yoga spreads throughout like a divine service

Bringing holistic remedies to our world, we have yoga, which grants people health
A world of options to integrate and heal ourselves through various yoga techniques
Yoga, a medical phenomenon that teaches to go within to discover personal wealth
As our bodies have requests and answers, which we need to respect, as we seek

So we do open like the lotus and all divine wonderments of self unfold with Spirit
As pure yoga encourages us to move with Spirit, it soothes and delights our body
We let our divine body speak and share so we become, being still and quiet to hear it
There’s a natural way with yoga, as it fulfills our temple, we transform into our divinity

And Asanas offer hidden gifts, each one is a present, as Asanas unwrap divine surprises
For in each pose, we find layers of ourselves, Koshas, which get polished and discovered
Feeling what is happening in Asanas, we discover messages, yoga’s divine rap, its’ a prize
For we win peace as thoughts, emotions, physical ailments and spiritual ways are revealed

As pranayama and Asanas do unravel us, so we become inner harmonic yoga orchestrations
While our bodies breathe music like a flute, we make sounds and raise our spiritual frequencies
Allowing ourselves to be moved by the Spirit of Yoga and all its glorious facets, we discover unity
As we acquire inner music, so we hear and learn to form personal divine masterpieces and melodies

As we practice, we become ONE with Spirit and our temples of divinity, discovering life rhythms
Spirit moves us, as we hear, respond, follow and engage ourselves with an inner and outer life flow
Divinely, something miraculous and magical happens, as are lives become fine tuned into a hymn
As we freely sing the notes to our hearts and souls, sharing our songs, we express, so our bodies glow

For in yoga, we raise our temples in mind body and spirit, so we reach new spiritual hierarchies
As we become holistically grounded in our personal divine stance, we welcome a new universe
Yoga is a spiritual evolution, a transformational way of living, which brings a wealth of riches
And it enhances our true inner nature and self, so we gain and become our divine life verse

Yoga, a divine art form, which engages and expresses, so we become beautiful masterpieces
As it captivates our very essence, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, it creates
Naturally allowing us to flow with yoga, we arrive into our divine selves and senses with peace
Heightened with spiritual awareness, our auras become bold, as our yoga practice light permeates

Throughout all aspects of our lives yoga does shine, whether on or off the mat we become ONE
With all divinity, a universal love light phenomenon occurs, and we are mystically guided in all
For yoga teaches let life flow within and out, a tributary to self and life, in honor of our kingdom
We honor the natural flow of life like yoga, as it moves and grooves on its own, it’s a spiritual call

©Written by Krysti Lyn via God on 1-15-09

More about Krysti Lyn, CYT Yoga Teacher at
Poet, Spiritual Intuitive & Reiki Master
Chagrin Falls, Ohio


Anonymous said...

I love this, it's beautiful.

SHindu said...

Real Yoga is Hinduism. The stuff that Florain presents is phony Yoga. It is a shame when people feel entitled to steal from others, in this case, Hinduism/Yoga.

Swami Param
Classical Yoga Hindu Academy