Congratulations - What is Yoga in America? Authors

Congratulations to the following yoga instructors
whose essays will be included in the book, What is Yoga in America?
What is Yoga in America? will be available for purchase
on February 14, 2009 online at Lulu.
S. Anani
S. Bain
A. Barros
B. Boland-Foley
H. Bourne
D. Brown
S. Carden
C. Cozza
T. Criscuolo
A. Dolan
D. Ducharme
J. Durner
C. Faris
K. Forest
G. Garner
T. Gifford
K. Grey
D. Hier
L. Hoffarth
A. Hoopes
S. Krantz
H. Lindsay
K. MacGregor
D. Main
N. Maisel
J. Martens
K. McClure
G. R. McCord
S. Meyerson
N. Moliver
C. Nair
C. Overgaag
K. Pierce
A. Reed
S. Rocco
L. Sachs
H. C. Schoen
P. Sklivas
M. Spencer
T. and B. Thomas
T. Ulshafer
E. and M. Valentine
R. Wall
B. Weisenberg
J. Wolf-Stenzel

And a very big thank you to my new friend and colleague, Bob. Weisenberg whose help editing the submissions has been invaluable. You can learn more about Bob on his blog, The Wonder of Being Alive and you can interact with him on the Yoga Journal Community, where Bob is the moderator for the Yoga Philosophy Group.
All published authors will be mailed a free copy of the book and an electronic .pdf file. For purchases of more that 10 books, please contact me directly ( to receive wholesale pricing.
Thank you for your contributions, and congratulations!

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