One more time....supporting our troops does not equate promoting war

Here is an email I received about the the Yoga Patriot t-shirts whose proceeds support wounded troops:

"What about the innocent civilians killed by US troops?

This is a travesty, promoting yoga and war together. I think you’ve completely missed the point of yoga. If your T-shirts said Yogis for Peace, I would buy one.

Maureen [last name removed]

Here are 2 other examples of similar of hypocrisy.

And my response to Maureen (and the future hate mailers)....I respect different opinions. I do not respect hypocrisy and righteous indignation. To be unable to differentiate between "promoting war" and "volunteering to help our wounded troops" is simpleminded, at best. I love my country. I tear up when I hear the national anthem, because I know many have died to allow us the right to stand, cover our hears and sing it. I love my fiance who is a Marine Corps veteran. I appreciate that members of our armed forces perform jobs that most of us are afraid to do. I do not like war. I certainly don't promote war. I do value freedom. When our freedom is threatened, our troops protect us. Some of our boys, men, girls and women, loose limbs and others die protecting us. Many troops hate war. Many troops disagree with past and present administration policies on war. I am grateful to live in a country where a few brave people are willing to lay down their lives to protect us and allow us the freedom to practice yoga.

Aggggg.....I've gotta breathe.....


Sgt Patrick McNally, U.S.Army,Retired said...

Keep up the great work & support as a disabled Veteran, I am proud of what u are doing to support our troops, pay no attention to traitors & morons like Maureen(maybe they meant to name her Moron & mispelled But thank u again for your support & being a Patriot! Sgt Patrick M. McNally U.S.Army Medically Retired

Anonymous said...


I have dealt with many Yogi's as you would call yourself as I have probably been to more yoga conferences and seminars than yourself. I hope to God that if object the war that you are part of Code pink and that your only protests are not limited to Florian Yoga and one woman who supports the troops and is practices yoga. You can support the troops and not believe in any wars and be a yogi. If fact, if we didn't fight the second World War or the first World War, you might not even have the chance to practice Yoga or were all those troops killing civilians and that was an unjust war and you have this crave to speak German. That being said, a yogi who doesn't support another yogi who who supports the troops is just plain sad. Troops are not policy makers, they are troops. The are not elected presidents, senators, and congressman who make the decision to send troops overseas. Are you in support of Obama now, after he sent another 21000 Americans to Kubul. Or you just another Peta supporting Yogi has an Obama sticker on her Toyota Hybrid and belongs to nothing and spends 300 dollars on yoga clothes. Am I far off? Do you live in a nice town and attended a nice college and never had to worry about a draft? Did you join the peace corps to support your country the same country that gives you the liberties that you enjoy. What do you do to support your country, your state, or your local town?
Again policy makers, Obama who you voted for and just sent 21,000 troops in to a god forsaken wasteland or troops who are 17 and 18 years old and went down proudly to support their country against terrorism wherever it is held to protect America. Wise Up Yogis and take a stand against Obama who is for war and join Code Pink or Shut Up and leave the troops who support you alone.

I know you will not reply, that is the Yogi way.

mcvegan said...

Yoga is Liberation. To be free, we must follow our conscience. Maureen, what type of yoga are you practicing - the yoga of taking or the yoga of giving. True yogis free themselves from their selfishness, and help thru action whomever they 'see' that needs it.
Patanjali said 'Works are neither black nor white for The Yogis; for the others they are threefold - black, white and mixed.'
Florian Yoga - thanks for your work.

momcat617 said...

My dad was a Marine during WW2, my husband, who is a disabled vet, was in the Marines for 8 years, my step-son is a Marine, and my other step-son is going to become a Marine, too. We must ALWAYS support our soldiers. Be grateful to those who fought and died so you can have the freedom to say what you think, Maureen. Nobody is against war more than the soldiers who fight it. But they understand more than anybody else that sometimes you have to fight.

Thank you, Florian Yoga, for your words of support for our soldiers.

Anonymous said...

What would Obama think?