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Day 1: Introduction and Commit - Vinyasa Krama (start where you are)

Day 2: Mantra Meditation for New Beginnings and Removing Obstacles

Day 3: The ONLY way to lose weight AND be healthy

Day 4: Joy-Read and Spiritual Book Suggestions

Day 5: Non-Violent Communication - and MUCH More Effective Communication

Day 6: 13 Minute Grounding Yoga Meditation

Day 7: "I Deserve" - Your Personal Self Worth

Day 8: Working With Your Fear

Day 9: Cultivate Contentment

Day 10: Let Go of Personal Baggage

Day 11: Set Personal Boundaries

Day 12: 14 Minute 3rd Chakra Meditation on Personal Power and Self Worth

Day 13: Let Go of Unproductive Thought Patterns

Day 14: Best Insomnia Tool - EVER

Day 15: Prevent Other People From Draining Your Energy - Cut Cords

Day 16: Revisit or Learn a Yoga Tool

Day 17: Disconnect

Day 18: Yoga-On-The-Go -Audio Meditations and Deep Relaxation, Audio Yoga Sequences

Day 19: Anxiety and PTSD Tool: 25 Minute Progressive Muscle Relaxation (Audio)

Day 20: Control and Compassion

Day 21: Your 10 Spiritual Commandments

Day 22: Your Personal Meditation for Stress Relief

Day 23: 15 Minute Meditation on Forgiveness

Day 24: When Your Partner Doesn't Share Your Yoga Passion

Day 25: Developing Your Personal Yoga Practice (Includes 35 Minute MP3 Vinyasa Yoga Practice)

Day 26: 3 Yoga Moves When You Don't Have Time or Space to Practice

Day 27: What is Yoga? In your own words

Day 28: Your Next 30-Day Journey

Day 29: Begin Your Personal Practice and Continue On Your Journey

Day 30: A Migration to Your Next Journey

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