Guest Post: Top 5 Social Networking Sites for Yoga Lovers by Mary Ward

Yoga is not only a hot exercise trend; it’s a way of life. The practice of yoga is a hobby for some and a profession for others. Whether you are a novice just starting out and wanting to learn all about the art of yoga and its many benefits, or are an expert who wants to chat with others within the practice, there are sites for you. There are some excellent social networking sites that are targeted specifically to the yoga lover and others that offer a wide array of groups and forums to meet others through. Here we look at the top social networking sites for the yoga lover.

Yoga's Top Social Networking Sites

1. Yoga Passions – This site is dedicated to the yoga lover everywhere. This is a social networking site that caters to the yoga lover and has forums, chat rooms, and topics that are targeted to those who perform and enjoy yoga on a regular basis. You can meet others just like you and talk about all things that are yoga-related through this free social networking site.

2. Yoga Guide India – Though this site is targeted to those who have practiced and fallen in love with yoga in India specifically, it can be a great social networking site for yoga lovers everywhere. This is an excellent site to meet others that are into yoga and learn about how the practice works within the country of India and abroad. You can chat with others and even pick up tips through this yoga lover networking site.

3. Love Yoga – Everybody who wishes to learn more about yoga or get involved with others in this hobby or profession should gravitate to this site. This provides one of the most thorough looks inside the practice of yoga. Here you can network with others who are passionate about yoga, get involved in specific forums centered on your specific interests or passion within the practice, and learn a thing or two along the way. You can even use the site to plan your next trip centered around yoga specifically and the very best places to practice it.

4. New Age Connections – They say that there’s a social networking site for everything and this proves that fact. This site is dedicated to the yoga lover who wants to meet other singles who have the same passion for yoga. This is a social networking and dating site whereby you can meet and talk to others who love yoga and even make connections for dates and hopefully a commitment to somebody that can share your passion for yoga with.

5. Facebook – It seems that Facebook has a group or application for everybody in the world and this holds true for the yoga lover as well. Facebook is a great place to meet others who have the love and dedication to yoga and there are some excellent groups available that the yoga lover can become a part of. You can plug into groups that yoga publications have set up or just talk to other experts or novices that have a passion for the art of yoga.

These are just 5 sites of many on the net catering to the yoga-loving crowd. Check them out, join the fun, and share your passion!

Mary Ward is a blogger and enjoys writing about medical careertopics, such as how to get a masters in health administration job, education tips, and more.

Thanks, Mary for your valuable contribution to Florian Yoga Companion! - Deb

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