Seeking Guest Yoga Bloggers

I've received a flurry of great suggestions lately for topics to cover on the blog.  Yoga with horses, yoga for sadness, integrating yoga with Ayurveda, Anusara yoga, working with resistance to your practice....and 68 more thought provoking topics, all suggested by you!

I'm excited to start blogging away on your ideas this fall.  But alas...I'm certainly not the authority on all topics yoga!  Not by a long shot.  So I'm asking for your help, by beginning a NEW Guest Yoga Blogger Series.

The first two topics are:
Yoga instructor burn-out - what helps?
Submission Deadline:  September 4, 2009
(FYI...this was the most frequently requested topic...I hear ya!)
Ashtanga Yoga - What's at all about?  Can I be an Ashtangi even if I can't get into crazy postures?
Submission Deadline:  September 11, 2009
Admin stuff:
  • Beginning the second week of September, I'm going to post one guest post a week.  
  • I'll announce the topics 2 weeks ahead of time.  
  • Maximum length is 1,000 words
  • Practical, readable, unique ideas will be selected.  All submissions must be publish-ready (i.e. not in need of editing).  Please, no pictures unless it's directly relevant to content.
  • Please send all submissions to me by email, in MS Word attachments or in the body of your email
  • Provide a brief bio and any weblinks you'd like published with your article
  • If your post is selected, you will be notified IN ADVANCE of my publishing your post in order for me to confirm that I have your permission to publish your work.
  • If your post is not selected, you will be notified by email.  And please don't give up on submitting here or elsewhere! 
  • Deadline is 8 pm EST on submission deadline - no exceptions, it's not fair to the people who get them in on time
I hope you enjoy sharing with the Florian Yoga Community as much as I know I'm going to enjoy learning more about your practices.

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Anne said...

Do Yoga Teachers from South Africa qualify? I experienced something like this 2 years ago.

Florian said...

Hi, Anne from S. Africa. Most certainly you may submit guest posts!

Bob Weisenberg said...

Great idea. I'll look forward to seeing a topic I know something about!

Bob Weisenberg

instructor said...

I'm happy to contribute as a local greater Boston yoga teacher and registered dietitian.

Diana Cullum-Dugan