I'm such a sucker for a new product!

OK, I admit it...I'm a cosmetics junkie! I love trying new skin care and make-up products. As you know from some of my recent posts, times have been tight for me as they have been for everyone. So, I've cut back on my shopping-therapy and I spend money on "optional" products sparingly.

But recently Jen, the sweet manager at my local Wholefoods Body department made a few recommendations that I can't resist sharing with you. I have pretty dry skin and tend to get raw and red around the change of seasons. Jen asked me if I'd heard of sea buckthorn. No, I never had.

But now, I'm a sea buckthorn fan. I have the serum (which I use all around my eyes and lips) and the face moisturizer and I'm loving how my skin feels.

So if any of you love to try new skin care products, check these out. They are all natural and organic and all that good stuff. Also, they are reasonably priced for those of us who are on a budget for life's little luxuries.

My 2 new finds:
Sea Buckthorn with Ester-C Antioxidant Serum and
Aubrey Organics - Sea Buckthorn & Cucumber W/Ester-C Moisturizing Cream

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