Guest Post by Krista Peterson: Yoga as a Complementary Cancer Treatment

As hospitals become more and more specialized, patients generally are placed with multiple physicians in an incredibly fast paced hospital environment. For many of these patients the opportunity to slow down is a welcomed one. The need for a period of relaxation and peace of mind, not to mention the physical aspects of the disease, yoga is quickly becoming a major option for complementary treatment therapy for cancer patients.
New studies show that not only is yoga a good viable exercise, but also a great tool in calming the nervous system. Combining poses, breathing techniques as well as meditation, yoga can be used to relieve symptoms for those suffering from illnesses like leukemia, and even mesothelioma cancer. Yoga unfortunately cannot cure the disease, but the stretching and breathing techniques can help to improve issues with sleep, thus reducing the dependency on sleep aids and sedatives, and also relieve many muscle pains associated with the onset of the disease.
Exploring the five basic characteristics of a cancerous body, one can see where yoga can aid in cancer treatments. A cancerous body is highly “acidic,” lacks oxygen, is full of a slew of toxic substances, has poor immunity, and is disconnected from the “CPU” so to speak.
 Yoga can be used in the reduction of harmful bodily acids using particular poses that stretch muscles, release lactic acids. The practice of yoga is also able to minimize acid flow working the vagus nerve itself, and again stretching muscles through the use of Asanas, as well as the permeation of acids through the skin, and the release of acid by process through the kidneys. These processes cause both the metabolism and heart rate to increase, and allow the body to allow the body to become re-oxygenated through heavy breathing, and push out both the unwanted acids, as well as unwanted toxins built up in the body.
A heavy contributor to the development of cancer is a deficiency in the immune system. Many poses that help to twist and compress organs can help to rejuvenate immune organs and channels by stimulating the digestive system and allowing vitamins and nutrients to be carried throughout the body.
While performing all of these functions, yoga also creates a strong feeling of self control, and can help cancer patients to feel much more in touch with themselves. This can develop what many refer to as the connection of mind, body, and spirit, and can go a long way in not only helping develop the connection with the emotions, but also the ability to release them.
Sample yoga practice for cancer management.
Krista Peterson is a recent college graduate and aspiring writer. As a health and safety advocate, she shares a strong passion for the wellness of others in her community. Krista has been practicing yoga for 3 years and loves to encourage others to do so as well. Through her writings, she helps to spread awareness of such issues as cancer and chronic illness.