New Series: What is yoga? 101 bite sized pieces of yoga - mostly off the mat

What is yoga?
1-25 of 101 ideas about what yoga is
(and it's not all about your body on the mat)

25. Asking more questions than the number of stories you tell

24. Taking the path of least resistance when it serves you best

23. Noticing what you are thinking about right now

22. Noticing what you are feeling in your body, right now
21. Noticing your intentions – the conscious and unconscious intentions

20. Being aware of the unintended consequences of all of your actions – and taking them into consideration

19. Choosing silence over disingenuousness

18. Staying in child’s pose (balasana) for ten minutes in the middle of a power yoga class

17. Centering yourself in a posture that is comfortable for you at the beginning of a yoga class

16. Noticing when you are stressed – noticing how your body behaves when you are stressed (clenched jaw, hunched shoulders, pursed lips)

15. Not needing to correct other people every time the misspeak

14. Recognizing that you don’t have the answers to everything, but someone does. Seek out people with answers to interesting questions

13. Realizing when you are being self absorbed

12. Allowing others to express their own beliefs without needing to interject your own

11. Practicing postures that feel good

10. Practicing postures that strengthen your body

9. Practicing postures that improve your balance

8. Becoming aware of what you experience in your body mind and breath with each yoga

7. Being aware your motivations each time you act and talk

6. Realizing that you your world revolves around you and that everyone else’s revolves around someone else’s….theirs

5. Being aware that whatever you are experiencing at this moment is nothing more or less than what you are experiencing at this moment

4. Knowing that this too, shall pass

Asana without any mats, blocks, blankets or other props

2. Talking 10 deep breaths a day….so deep that they move your belly

Substituting, “I do yoga” with “I live yoga”