Confession and Discovery and a Special Discount

In the midst of my 30-day yoga journey, I developed an addiction. Not to my mantra or my new exercise regime, Twitter!

I'd ignored Twitter for ages thinking it was "for the kids". But at the prompting of a friend who is quite serious and business-like I decided to check it out. And now 1000+ tweets later, I'm hooked.

The upside of twittering, tweeting, whatever you want to call it is that you "meet" all sorts of interesting people. And lots of yoga peeps are on Twitter.

One of my new tweet-buddies designs adorable totes and yoga slings in customized fabrics. Below are a couple of examples. Jill, the designer has generously offered readers of Florian Yoga Companion a 10% discount on totes and yoga slings. Hari Om!

See fabric selections and order at Use Discount Code: florian at check-out to receive your discount.

Oh yeah, and if you want to tweet with me, I'm @FlorianYoga

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