More on Yoga Instructor Burnout! A collection of essays by yoga teachers

I received a tremendous response to the guest blog invitation on the topic, Yoga Teacher Burnout.  So I created a website with a collection of 16 of the essays.  I've learned something from each post and I hope you do too!

Even if you're not a yoga teacher, lots of the concepts in the essays are applicable to every lifestyle and profession.

Yoga Teacher Burnout Website

May we all have moments of calm and contentment today. 

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Bob Weisenberg said...

What a beautiful layout for the Teacher Burnout site. A new book in the works?

If you ever have the time, I would love to see a site just like this for Yoga in America. Keep it simple and just make all the great writing available online (but not as a pdf). I think a lot of people would want the book if they could browse through it on the web. Just an idea.


Florian said...

Great idea Bob! No, this one isn't a book in the making....