20 Common Phrases to Avoid

Another tool for your yoga and communication toolkit....

Here are some words and phrases that can easily foster negativity, annoyance and put people on the defensive.  You should I might suggest, that you replace these phrases with more compassionate ones.  And please do share your suggestions and additions to the list!
20 Common Phases to Avoid:
  1. You should
  2. I hate it when you

  3. You always
  4. I wish I had
  5. Ought
  6. Wish
  7. Should
  8. You think
  9. You never
  10. I agree, but
  11. I love you, but
  12. Never
  13. Always
  14. If you'd just
  15. If only I had
  16. Could you just
  17. Well, yeah, but
  18. Don't feel bad/sad/guilty/mad
  19. It's just that I
  20. Don't you think you should


susanne said...

instead of telling the person "you should" say "please-------"

Florian said...

Yes, Susane! Saying "please" would eliminate a lot of fighting in te world. :-)

Erika Frykman said...

I have a friend who completely eliminated the word "but" from his vocab. It made me think about when I use the word, and it is almost always harmful. So I try to replace it with "and".
To use one of your examples, "I love you, and..." has a different message, doesn't it?

Florian said...

Erika, that's great....replace "but" with "and"

Anonymous said...

Words are just semantics. The meaning and purpose behind the words are what need attention.

I have received saccharine comments knowing that wasps lurk behind all that sweetness.

Speak bluntly and honestly.