Kundalini experience on the elliptical machine??

I think I had my first Kundalini experience today! No, not during a deep meditation prologued by the intention of an out of body experience; but rather, um, ah, on the elliptical machine at the gym. Huh?!

I was a little wound up for no particular reason and I didn’t feel like working out. But I got on the machine anyway and put my ipod on “shuffle” to play from my World music library. About 20 minutes into my workout I was still into being at the gym and I was about to switch my music to Kid Rock to see if that would get me more excited about being on the elliptical…when my eyes spontaneously closed and I started to really notice the music that was playing from my earphones. Suddenly the music (Song #1 below) sent a jolt of grounding to me because of the heavy, deep drum sound. So I went with it and “dropped a grounding cord” (remember Day 4’s grounding meditation from the 30 Day Yoga Journey?) to reconnect with the earth. Basically, this means I visualized myself being connected and supported by the ground beneath me (i.e. the opposite of “having your head in the clouds”).

I opened my eyes to see if people were staring at me because my eyes were closed while I was working out. No one was paying any attention to me. So, I figured I’d close my eyes again, if for no other reason than to keep myself from staring at the time remaining in my workout.

And as my eyes closed, I saw fireworks behind my eyes, all sorts of bright, pretty colors exploding. I’ve learned some energy clearing techniques that work well for me, so I applied them and decided the "fireworks" was energy ready to be released from my body. So I let the energy go. It felt good. I wish I could be more descriptive than, “it felt good”…but I just felt peaceful and energized at the same time. I wasn’t paying any attention to my surroundings and I no longer cared if I looked like a meditating workout-freak.

Then the music transitioned to the next random selection on my ipod (Song #2) and I began to feel like my feet were floating effortlessly and I felt a warm, mildly stinging sensation in my lower back. Then the sensation moved to my shoulder, then to my right temple. I just let my awareness stay on whatever area this strong, but not uncomfortable “sensation” moved to. As my awareness went to the spot with the sensation, the sensation would subside and move.  I let my mind follow my body. I felt completely present. I just stayed with the sensation.

As the music transitioned to Song #3, I took a quick peek to make sure there wasn’t a crowd gathered around me watching me experience all of this wild stuff going on inside my body. Nope, still absolutely no one was paying any attention to me. And then the fireworks came back, but this time it was like the colors were in my body and they were concentrated at the base of my spine. Then they quickly moved up my spine all the way to my head and out.

How can there be colors in my body? I have no idea, but that’s as best as I can describe this feeling of “activity”, “energy”, “aliveness” racing up my spine and out my head over and over again. It felt intense. I felt strong. Not euphoric, not ecstatic. And then it dissipated and I opened my eyes. Everything looked sharp and clear and I felt energized and alert but relaxed.

Was this a Kundalini experience?? Please share your similar experiences and help me understand this strange, good, interesting experience!

These are the 3 songs that accompanied, or drove, or contributed to, or all of the above, my experience:

Song #1: Tenfold

Song #2: I Ka Barra

Song #3: Naam Kumaree


Anonymous said...

Very interesting! I follow your blog and am trained in Kundalini Yoga. I had a similar experience while running on the treadmill at the gym. I've noticed since my yoga training that I am more aware of my body and sensations I get no matter what I am doing. It seems (to me) as though once we train ourselves and open ourselves up we might have these kind of experiences regularly?? I wouldn't try it while driving though! Thanks for sharing.
Sat Nam, Tiffany Baker (Indiana)

Bob Weisenberg said...

Great description. I feel like I had the experience just from reading your blog! Nice to get that confirmation from Anonymous above.

Bob Weisenberg

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Deb... Heard your 30 day journey on NPR and I googled Florian Yoga and signed up.

Cambridge Massachusetts

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