10 things to love about yoga in the winter

(Originally published Winter 2008)
  1. Not having to wake up quite so early to do your practice while the sun is rising.
  2. More time to attend workshops on the weekends when it's not competing with yard work (understandably, gardening IS yoga for many of us...but not so much for me)
  3. How well our twisting postures prepare us for shoveling.
  4. A warm toasty studio or meditation spot on an icy cold day.
  5. That yoga allows us to practice impermanence. That all sensations (in this case, cold ones) pass (unless you live on the North Pole).
  6. Snow cancellations give us "extra" time that we can use to practice, read, meditate.
  7. A meditation walking through a snow storm and listening to the sounds (a kind of buffered quiet I've never heard elsewhere)
  8. Bundling up in blankets for savasana.
  9. Heating up your body all on your own through a vigorous practice.
  10. More opportunities to stay indoors and develop a home practice.


bob said...

so true. thank you for spelling/listing it out. love to you. keep up the wonderful writings.

Kathy said...


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susanweaver said...

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