What is Yoga? In 101 bite-sized pieces....continued...

46. Embracing the transition to death

45. Smiling as you are falling asleep

44. Taking a long, silent exhale instead of snapping back with sarcasm

43. Showing up on time when someone is waiting for you

42. Listening more than you speak – try it for one day

41. Giving all of your attention to whomever you are speaking with on the phone (no multi tasking with texting/twittering/watching tv, etc)

40. Tools to help you navigate life

39. Touching the earth with both hands as a reminder that you are connected to something greater than yourself and that you are grounded

38. Allowing loved ones to find happiness on their terms, without remarks

37. Allowing loved ones to make mistakes

36. Noticing when you are holding your breath

to be continued....