Day 2: 30-days to Enlightenment

Day 2 activities:

1. Begin a mantra for new beginnings and removing obstacles - Ganesh Mantra

2. Designate a notebook for your 30-days-it can be a specially designed journal, or a generic notebook. The notebook I'm using is in the picture. For today, just write your name on the cover.


Mantra Meditation: A symbolic and meaningful gesture to recognize new beginnings and to clear obstacles is to work with the Ganesh Mantra. Reciting mantra is also a form of pranayama (breathwork/energy movement) so I find it particularly helpful in beginning a new practice.

Sanskrit Words: Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha

Pronounced: Aaaooom Gum Gah-nah-pat-ah-yeh Nah-mah-ha

Listen to the mantra

One of my favorite versions of this chant by Dennis Gaumond.

I use mala beads (see picture) to count the 108 recitations, but you can use any method (chanting with a CD, rosary,string of pearls, counting on your fingers, etc.) Tradition tells us to recite once in the morning and once in the eventing and throughout the day as we are able. For our journey, I suggest that we recite the mantra once a day, 108 times. Try to find a time of day that you can consistently work with the mantra.
I plan to recite my mantra after I have a cup of coffee in the morning, before I eat breakfast. I commit to doing this daily for 30 days (tradition says to work with a mantra for 40-days, FYI)
I also silently recite the mantra whenever I think to, and this is helpful when I'm driving, waiting on line, on the subway or other situations that can easily become stressful.

To begin learning it, you may want to chant along with this rendition. I suggest closing your eyes when chanting.

You may not notice any changes right away, but mantra meditation is powerful and I don't know anyone who has worked consistently with a mantra, and not experienced benefits.

If chanting out loud does not resonate with you, an alternative is to write the mantra in your notebook, perhaps 20 times.

This is my translation, but you may google and find other more scholarly and literal translations. I believe this captures the essence of the mantra's intention:
May our new journeys be met with joy and prosperity and clear of obstacles and hassles.
More on Mantra Meditation.


HypYoga said...

Thank you for the reminder about the Gayatri. First I put your chant on loop and repeated it with you until I finished one set of my mala, then I played the one off of YouTube and just let the voices wash over me.

It was powerful and cleansing. I look forward to my obstacle free path.

Om Shanti!

Florian said...

Hyp Yoga - I'm so happy to hear we chanted together! Glad you found it cleansing. May your day be free of obstacles. Shanti. Deb

Rose said...

Hi Deb,

I'm just getting started. I did the mantra and I'm looking forward to continuing on this obstacle free path! It's all VERY new to me. Thanks for doing this!