Day 17: Disconnect (just for a bit) from the World...on the 30-Day Yoga Journey to Enlightenment

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You are important and needed by many; AND the world will go on without your input for a few minutes. -Me
Day 17 Activities:
1) Mantra meditation
2) Minimum 30 minutes of calorie burning
3) Write down everything you eat and sketch your Balance Chart
4) Continue to remain aware of your speech patterns
5) Cut Cords
6) New Activity: Disconnect

Today's activity may be the most challenging yet for some of us.

When was the last time you were "unreachable"?

With cell phones, Blackberries, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, texting, and nearly universal wireless access (even on some airplanes now I just learned from my new Twitter pal, EliteTravelGal ) it seems as though we are in constant contact with the world. Even with people we've never met. Connectivity can be uplifting and positive....but being wired-for-life can also be bad for our eyesight, posture, nervous system, you know the deal.
Let's take a moment to reboot ourselves
Are you ready? OK. Disconnect.

Shut of everything for 10 minutes. Really shut off. Don't just avert eye contact with that blinking red light on your blackberry, actually use the "off" button. Turn off your computer (i.e. shut down for real, without letting the motor keep running) and turn of any other gadgets, radio, GPS, phone, etc. Just be disconnected for 10 full minutes and sit or lie down with your eyes closed or softly open.

Notice how you feel before, during and after disconnecting. Edgy, relaxed, unencumbered, anxious, impatient, calm.....

Needless to say, this isn't a bad idea for a ritual to practice everyday.

Back when I worked in an office setting, I used to have my department do this daily, at the time of their choosing. See what your co-workers or staff think of the idea. We never lost any business because of it and no one ever complained. In fact, it because a ritual that brought us together around a common practice....kind of crazy for a bunch of auditors, eh!?